Why a sleepover?

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If you think hard enough, you can probably remember your first sleepover... 

...maybe it was round a friend’s house. Maybe you sank a couple of hot chocolates topped with marshmallows but what is almost guaranteed is that you had fun.

Sleepovers have always been popular for children but the idea of sleeping on sofas or floor has been well and truly done. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore because we can offer a fresh new take on the sleepover experience with The little tents.

We can create a magical setting all within the comfort of your own home. Our handcrafted, individual tents come with mattresses and luxurious cushions and are packed full with fun.

With the winter night drawing in, it’s time to think about getting cosy again. The garden becomes redundant and overgrown. The grass is always wet and that’s no fun for kids!  Our little tents are the perfect solution to your child’s party and sleepover needs with individual tents that are pitched indoors.

It need not be daunting either. We can set up and pack up The little tents making it incredibly hassle free and as for the kids, there are a number of benefits.

Photo credit  roam free photography  

Photo credit roam free photography 


A sleepover will not only make your child the talk of the class, it can also allow them to develop skills they might not normally need. Such as interacting with other children, getting ready for nightime or learning to behave around someone else’s house. It also gives them the chance to develop responsibility and move them closer to adulthood.

The most important thing, though, is that it is about having fun. Kids love sleepovers; they always will. It is just about making them that extra bit special....and that's where we can help.

See our sleepover packages for more details or simple give us a call!