Activity pack IDEAS for the little guests on your big day

Having exciting activity packs filled with exciting things to do, while sitting down at the wedding breakfast, is a must.

Colouring books are a firm favourite, but how about mixing it up a bit? Here's some simple ideas to help keep the little ones amused on your wedding day.

Sticker and sticker-scenes

These are great for the younger ones and keep children amused. Children can peel off the stickers and make their own scenes, keeping them entertained for a while.


Finger puppets

Old skool little finger puppets are great. The adults can practice their short story-telling making it fun for their little ones.

Play Doh

A pot of play-doh, to let them mould while the speeches are taking place is a winner. The Play-Doh is child-friendly and easy to clean up.

Mini Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4

It is a good idea to get some mini board games. These take up very little room at the table but can keep a group of children captivated for ages.


Disposable cameras

Let the children feel like they are doing a special job by capturing a few smiles around the table. You never know you may have some unexpected talent!

Noughts and crosses & Hangman

These two are a classic kids favourite. You can use a small chalk board or a wooden noughts and crosses set.

Matchbox car

Pushing around toy car is not just great for the boys, the girls will appreciate them too.  These can also be played with at the evening reception and are pretty reasonable too.

Fun Size Haribo

One little pack of sweets always go down well with the kids (and adults)


Mini Lego figures

These are great to open around the table. These are a great surprise for kids. The figures come individually wrapped so you don’t know what one you will be getting.

Print out of ‘I spy’

Give the children a mission and print out an ‘I spy’ checklist. They will have lots of fun scanning the room and trying to tick of their checklist. There are free templates online.

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for your big day! See our wedding package for another great way to entertain your little guests.