The Little Tents’ complete guide to hosting children at your wedding.




Little ones or none?

Whatever your decision is on whether to invite children or not, be sure to outline this on your ‘save the date’ and wedding invites. Simply by saying for example ‘Mr and Mrs Lovelane plus family’ or ‘children are welcome’, will be sufficient and allow your guests to make necessary travel or childcare arrangements.

Ceremony and speeches

The ceremony is the most important part of any wedding and parents will no doubt be watching their children to ensure they don’t disrupt the exchanging of vows. Having your ushers provide a gentle reminder at the beginning of the ceremony always goes down well if parents need to leave the room when their child is getting restless.


Walking down the aisle

Having the little ones lead the way up the aisle makes for the cutest of photos, but be sure to give them a rehearsal beforehand, ideally with your choice of music. The added responsibility will make them feel part of the wedding service and give them the confidence to walk down the aisle slowly.


Flower girls and page boys

It is a good idea to introduce your flower girls to your page boys, assuming they do not already know each other. You’ll be too busy on the day, so this is a job for your favourite auntie! This will help make the children more relaxed and comfortable in their unfamiliar setting. Also, explain to them the roles of the videographer, photographer and the person conducting the service.




Confetti is fun for everyone and even more so for the kids! If you are not allowed paper confetti then perhaps ask the venue if they allow real flower petals. If not, give the little ones a ribbon wand to swirl around or even blow some bubbles. The ribbon wands are our favourite, as they look lovely running around with these.


The gardens

If you have young children going to your wedding, ensure that the grounds are suitable for them to run around before the wedding breakfast.  However, don’t forget to get your pictures done first. You do not want outfits covered in grass stains or have the children pulling grumpy faces because they’d rather be playing hide and seek.


Seating plan

Putting children next to the their parents or guardians is the best way. That way they can encourage them to eat, control the excitement, keep them seated while other guests are eating. The parents can also engage with their activity packs on the table. There will be plenty of time for them to play.  


The wedding breakfast

Typically a smaller version of the adults meal is the most popular choice, however, why not ask if your caterers can supply a more child-friendly meal. Fish fingers, sausage mash and beans; that’s what kids really want to eat, after all remember, a hungry child is an unhappy one.


Activity packs

Sticker scenes, fun size Haribo, Play-Doh, finger puppets, sketchbooks with crayons, disposable cameras and plastic toy animals. Anything wrapped up maybe a good idea as this may keep them amused for a while.  

The evening & The Little Tents  

The evening is the trickiest part. Enthusiastic children, tired children, other guests. It can be difficult to make sure everyone keeps on having a wonderful time. This is where The Little Tents can help. Our kids camps offer safe areas for them to play and relax. We have all seen children going crazy on the dancefloor, or tugging at their mum’s dress when they get tired. Normally, two chairs get pushed together to form a bed. Not ideal.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 15.44.13.png

Our tents create a safe space for them to crash out. It gives them a place, a belonging and creates that extra wonder for you evening. The parents can relax and enjoy a glass of wine knowing their children are being amused with a selection of arts and crafts while sat on soft cushions, all with that added sense of adventure underneath the canvas. And when it gets too much, there is a soft, thick rug and a blanket in the supplied snuggle box so they can get their rest while your guests can continue to enjoy your day.

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