Keeping the smaller guests entertained at your wedding

Organising a wedding can be stressful.

There is so much to think about and so many decisions to make with a view to creating your day perfect. Buying your dress or deciding on the Best Man are big ones, but it is often the smaller decisions that cause the biggest headaches!

One of the choices which is often tricky is the decision on whether to invite children to your wedding.


The balancing act between inviting immediate family and friends’ children is a tough decision. Children are part of the family and there is nothing cuter than little girls wearing their best pretty dresses or the young gents dressed with bow ties. However, there is also the inherent concern of how to keep the little ones entertained or how to dodge a tantrum whenever they get tired at the end of the evening.

You could also be concerned about offending your guests by not including their children in the first place, whereas if you do in invite them, you wonder how they will be entertained, especially when they run out of steam at the end of the evening. You don’t want to hire a magician as this has been done many times before and is not original.

Fortunately, we can help as we believe we have the perfect concept.

We can create a magical space for kids to keep them captivated, entertained, while our individual hand-made tents are perfect when they want to retreat from the dancefloor and have a little rest.

The other bonus for you is that our beautiful tents are lovingly decorated and styled with individual fairylights, lace bunting, feathers and flowers making them an eye-catching and spectacular additional feature to your wedding venue!


Our tents have been made with little ones in mind.

The wood has been treated to ensure no splinters for tiny hands and the thick cosy rugs, that glitter slightly in the light, make it a perfect retreat.

We also believe that our kids camp will bring children together as it is a place where they can meet and play with other children making new friends or making memories with the existing ones. We can supply a range of activities, such as personalising glitter crowns, which make excellent gifts and make such lovely photos for your wedding album too! We have tried and tested the arts and crafts at weddings to ensure they are suitable for all ages.

The kids camp will not only look great and serve as a place for children to play and be creative – it also can be their shelter for a snooze whenever the little ones have had enough. After all, who will want to leave your party early because their children are tired? Let them sleep in a comfortable, beautiful tent, where your guests can keep an eye on them while they continue to enjoy your wedding day.


So let us take at least one of your dilemmas away. We can create a beautiful scene to keep the kids happy, entertained and safe while you and your guests continue to enjoy the day.