Our tents 


The Little Tents are all handmade and lovingly styled. We have three styles of tents to suit your occasion; vintage lace, little boho and sparkly sequins. Twinkling fairylights, glowing lanterns and lots of other special furnishings help to set an enchanting scene for your special day, while the thick cosy rugs and luxurious cushions making it an inviting space for children.

With the camp looking charming, we can then provide a range of arts and crafts that help keep the little guests captivated.

Each tent is made using locally-sourced pinewood that has been treated using child-friendly oil, so there are no rough edges or nasty splinters! 

The tents are lightweight yet sturdy and have strapping to prevent them from collapsing. They are suitable for a range of ages but can only be used indoors. We are also fully insured.



We promise to do our very best to make sure that your little guests love their experience. We offer an impeccable service from start to finish, to ensure it stays hassle free. 

Our story 



Kelly – the dream maker, who loves festivals and travelling to new places off the beaten track. She has had a successful career in advertising and is always smiling. Kelly has a keen eye for detail and adds her flair to interior design. She gets her inspiration from the places she has travelled to.

Hayley – the creative cloud, who loves feeling the grass between her toes! She has a lust for life and adventure, relishes camping and being around nature. Hayley used to work as a wedding planner and gains new ideas from her little boy Ted – our No.1 fan.  


"Our first adventure was travelling across the world in our 20s, spending time around the campfires and making footprints in the sand. We loved the simple life; and we still do. Being free-spirits and away from the hectic modern world.

Then in our 30s we all started getting married and that was when we realised that there was a need for something that accommodated children and enhance the special day. Often there was a discussion about ‘adult only’ weddings where children were not invited, but we felt that having complete families in attendance only added to the magic moments and everyone was included.

Our mission was to create an exciting new concept where children could feel part of the wedding by giving them their own space to enjoy together. And being true to ourselves, we wanted to encourage kids to be kids, getting them back to enjoying the simple things: sharing the art of conversation, embracing arts and crafts, where ipads and iphones are off limits.

We wanted to make it an easy decision for the bride and groom to be able to include little guests as part of their special day".